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Your gift doesn’t have to be the main event. Consider adding smaller items that will complement your larger offering and make it even more special. You can read more about our Add on Collection here.

All Add ons

Add ons are small items that can be used to complement a gift and make it even more special. They show thoughtfulness and attention to detail, as well as providing an opportunity for personalization. Add ons can be anything from a teddy bear, chocolates, flowers, or other thoughtful gifts. Adding these items gives the recipient something extra that they wouldn’t expect and adds a unique touch to the overall package. The add ons don't have to be expensive either; often something small is all it takes to make someone feel appreciated and valued. So when looking for the perfect gift, consider adding an add on or two! It's sure to make your present stand out from the rest.

Adding on to a gift is a gesture that can really show how much you care. Whether it's Gold Blessings charms, Kira Aromatherapy scent diffusers, or Graduation Bear plushies - adding small and meaningful tokens of gratitude and love to a gift will definitely show the recipient how much thought has gone into the present. Besides bringing joy and happiness, gifts with add-ons are sure to make an impression. They provide a special way to extend your feelings and complete the perfect package for holidays, graduations, birthdays or any other special event.

Add ons make perfect gifts for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays and special occasions. They are also a great way to add a personal touch to corporate gifts such as client appreciation or employee recognition awards. Adding something small like a potted plant, personalized mug, or gift basket shows recipients that you care about them and were thinking of them when selecting the gift. So don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with your presents; adding an add on is sure to take it up a notch!

Black Gift Box thought of every occasion that could require a thoughtful add-on to make your gift extra special. From birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to baby and bridal showers, Black Gift Box has the perfect accessory for that memorable moment. An aroma-filled Ginza Scented Candle will brighten any room it's in, while a Unicorn Bath Bomb is the ideal bath time accompaniment. Add these accessories to your Black Gift Box order to surprise your loved ones and show how much you care!

There are a variety of items that can be used as add ons. These include teddy bears, chocolates, flowers, wine and spirits, bath products, mugs, photo frames, jewelry, plants, baskets and more. Whatever you choose to give should reflect the recipient’s personality and interests – so take the time to think about what they would like best before making your selection!

Adding an extra item or two to your gift is sure to make it even more special. So consider adding an add on when you’re looking for the perfect present; it will show them how much they mean to you!

Gift Add on in Singapore

Ana Hana is one of the most popular shops for gift add ons in Singapore. With a wide selection of products, Ana Hana makes finding that perfect present stress-free. Our online store is available to browse from the comfort of your own home or office space and you can even opt for same day delivery if you're pressed for time. With Ana Hana, there's no need to worry about leaving an important event empty-handed! Our selection of flower bouquets, chocolates, and gifts are sure to make your present stand out. So if you're looking for the perfect add on in Singapore, Ana Hana has got you covered.


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